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The future is ultra-light
Aviation for Science
Black Carbon pollution research
In March 2016, an ultra-light aircraft will take off a round-the-world journey, equipped with a new measuring instrument which will provide accurate data about global black carbon concentration.
Global measurements of black carbon mission continues. Michel Gordillo, experienced long distance Spanish pilot and longtime friend, started the second part of his Round the World Flight over the both Earth’s poles.
The experimental aircraft that will carry Michel thousands of miles around the world is the RV-8. It is a high performance airplane that is capable of high speed (200 MPH) and landing on a short field. It is powered by a Lycoming 200 horsepower IO-360 engine. On board of the aircraft is Aethalometer (black carbon detector) from Slovenian manufacturer and partner of the GreenLight WorldFlight project - Aerosol Ltd.

Our idea of global measurements of black carbon through a network of light recreational aircraft is therefore successfully expanding.

You can track Michel Gordillo on www.skypolaris.org