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Aviation for Science
Black Carbon pollution research
Mediterranean 2017

  Izjava za javnost - sprejem Matevža Lenarčiča na Aerodromu Portorož   (80 KB)


  Izjava za javnost (3)  (426 KB)

  ICAO in Montreal   (394 KB)

  Izjava za javnost (2)  (388 KB)

  Zanimivosti  (482 KB)

  Izjava za javnost (1)  (436 KB)

  O projektu  (623 KB)

  About the Project  (609 KB)

Interesting links about the project

  A short version of the article about Matevž, which will be published in the Aviation magazine (Finland) in June (Written by Helena Päätalo, Slovenia-Society in Finland)