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Aviation for Science
Black Carbon pollution research
Mediterranean 2017

Monograph WATER

To circle the world in an eco-ultralight aircraft is a great challenge, as are all the goals set on this journey. Another big challenge is to produce a monograph on the topic of WATER. Water in all its different forms and colours, as seen from a bird's eye view.

The WATER monograph will be a result of the current and all previous flights over the Earth’s surface. A view of the water in all continents, of an attractive world co-created by this primary element. Seas, lakes, rivers and waterfalls seen as majestic and thought-provoking creations of Nature.

What the monograph should also make us reflect on is man’s attitude towards water as one of the basic elements necessary for our lives, existence and future. There are in fact many predictions that drinking water will become the most important and strategic raw material of the future.

The beauty of the water world and potable water in an extensive monograph entitled WATER.